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Translating your goals into fastIEP

I signed up for fastIEP, grabbed my cup of coffee and my student’s IEP at a glance, and am ready to dive in! But… how exactly do I do that when my goals aren’t in a S.M.A.R.T. format already? And wait a minute -- my only options when I log a goal are yes and no?? How...

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Track your IEPs online and save time!

Every teacher hates IEPs. Not because our students need them, of course. The only good thing about an IEP is that they benefit our student outcomes. We hate them because the tracking and reporting takes so much time. It's not just us teachers who hate them either....

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Save 150 hours per school year with an online IEP

“A to Z Teacher Stuff”, an online forum of real teachers, has a thread outlining the ridiculous amount of time we spend writing IEPs. On average, the teachers in the forum spend upwards of 7 hours a week compiling data and writing IEP reports. One teacher explained...

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