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FAQs answered

What if we already have IEP software?

fastIEP specifically addresses progress monitoring; most IEP software does not cover this, or does so as an afterthought. fastIEP works with all major SIS and IEP software, adding to what you have.

Will fastIEP integrate with our IEP software?

Yes, fastIEP integrates with all SIS and IEP software programs.

Will our teachers have to write their goals twice?

No, your teachers will not have to write in their goals at all!  We import your district goals and other data so no one has to do double work.

Will my teachers say this is “one more thing”?

Actually, fastIEP SAVES time and is easy. It’s a gift for your teachers! In fact, over 19,000 teachers have adopted fastIEP with their own time and money.

Will my teachers be able to add in past data?

Yes! We have a built-in feature that allows teachers to include data from any time in the past IEP year. 

Will teachers be able to store anecdotal data or session notes?

Absolutely. Teachers can add notes, photos, files, and videos to fastIEP. These annotations can be associated with logged data, or can be independent.

What about privacy?

We comply with all privacy laws (FERPA, etc)

Will it run on teachers’ computers?

It works on desktops, laptops, chromebooks, tablets!

How can I pay for this creatively?

You can buy fastIEP with ESSER funds; Title I – V

How much time will this take to implement?

It’s easy to use, and easy to learn. Initial teacher PD takes only 1 hour. Extended training includes a handful of mini-PD modules that are equally approachable.

Do you help with goal authoring?

Yes, fastIEP includes a goal authoring toolkit.

How does fastIEP improve communication with parents?

fastIEP provides teachers with easy-to-understand charts and auto-generated progress notes to share with parents, keeping them involved in their child’s progress without requiring additional effort for the teacher.

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