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Log events in a single click, create progress reports automatically, save time.

  • Log IEP Goals with a Single Click
  • Make Progress Graphs Automatically
  • Save Hundreds of Hours a Year!
Brain Power fastIEP Tracker
Hear from teachers around the country who tried the VIP Pre-Release version of fastIEP:
{I like the features it has!
Nathan Moore
Middle School Coordinator, Santa Fe School District
{I really like the student's pictures by their names.
Stephanie Washburn
Teacher, Xavier Catholic
{Excited for the Reports!
Erica Owens
Special Education Teacher, Hamakua Complex
{I like that it's easy and fast.
Jacy Jensen
Behavioral Health Intervention Supervisor, Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic
{This is awesome and would save so much time. It takes me a long time to enter data on every student each week!
Special Education Teacher, Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic

One-click goal logging, and auto-created graphs for IEP Reports

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Single-Click Goal Tracking
  • Document events related to IEP goals with a single click!
  • Be visually reminded of all goals for each student.
  • Instantly see at a glance how your students are progressing.
  • Save time!

Below is a working preview. This is one piece of our revolutionary new fastIEP™ software.  This piece is called a “tile”. In fastIEP, you have one tile for each IEP goal.

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fastIEP Video Tour

Please remember to watch the video above.

Brain Power (the company behind fastIEP) is a proud member of the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance.

This means we have signed the "Massachusetts Student Data Privacy Agreement" which sets a high standard for how we protect student data, not just in Massachusetts but everywhere in the United States.

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Enter or Generate SMART Goals Easily
  • Enter your existing students’ goals easily.
  • Start getting automated reports immediately.
  • Need to create new goals? fastIEP guides you to generate S.M.A.R.T. compliant goals easily.
  • You can focus first on the core of the goal, then choose from standard assessment increments and durations.
  • You can access goals that succeeded for other students, and customize them.

Check out the working demo of the goal creator below.

Click it and give it a try!

Enter or Generate SMART Goals Easily
  • Enter existing student goals easily.
  • Start getting automated reports immediately.
  • fastIEP also guides you to generate new S.M.A.R.T. goals easily.
  • Access and customize goals that succeeded for other students.

Below are screenshots of parts of the goal creator.

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fastIEP will save you TIME!

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fastIEP as it will look on your computer

Take a test drive! The demo below is how fastIEP™ will look on your iPad, Chromebook, or other computer. (The phone version is more compact.)

Take it for a spin! You can switch among example students and interact with their example goals. You can even try out logging events, creating and editing goals, writing notes, and much more. Check out how the green progress bars update interactively when you log a goal.

All the data get automatically made into charts for your IEP reports or parent communications.

Would this one-click visual interface save you time, and help you better serve your kiddos?

Check it out. Don’t forget the scroll bars!
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(It should look like this.)

fastIEP Main Screen

fastIEP puts all the tools you need on one screen, and makes it a simple one-click operation to log goal events or check on student progress.

Since you are viewing from a mobile phone, below is an image of the full fastIEP interface. If you view this page from a computer or tablet, you would find a full working demo of the software below.

Would this one-click visual interface save you time, and help you better serve your kiddos?

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