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fastIEP VIP Preview

Explanation: The fastIEP feature highlighted here is the ability to add a new IEP goal.

Instructions: 1.) Tap “Add New Goal” to see how you input an IEP goal into fastIEP. [This is a partial simulation, like each of these fastIEP previews: you can click items but you cannot save your input] 2.) The popup window demonstrates how you write a new goal, or input an existing goal. 3.) You write the core of the goal first. 4.) Next, you separately input the performance threshold, and the assessment threshold.

  • The “performance threshold” determines what counts as success at a given moment of assessment.
  • The “assessment threshold” determines how often to test the performance threshold, and how many successful tests mean the student has fully completed the goal (e.g. 4 out of 5 (consecutive) weeks)


  • Rapidly create IEP goals.
  • Easily input the student’s existing goals.
  • Break down the complex task of writing a goal into clear, standardized parts.
  • Focus on the core of the goal first.
  • Assist you in making sure the goals are fully measurable and quantifiable.
  • The interface and categories were derived from hundreds of real-world IEP goals.
  • Start any time! No need to wait until the next ARD or school year.
  • You can input your caseload in a snap, and you can instantly start tracking each goal with a single click, with reports generated automatically.
  • You can even load data from the past and the data will be added to your reports.

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