Log events in a single click, create progress reports automatically, save time.

fastIEP VIP Preview

Explanation: The feature highlighted on this page is the ability to add annotations to an event that you log. The annotations can be a text note, picture, or video. These are optional, but can let you document rare occurrences or your detailed reflections.

Instructions: Please test this preview using the following instructions, and share your expert feedback below.

  1. Your student, Adeeb, has just raised his hand rather than blurting an answer. This is one of his IEP goals, and you would like to record this successful moment as well as add a picture.
  2. Tap anywhere on the hand-raising tile to document Adeeb’s hand-raise, and tap “Yes”.
  3. Tap the purple button that says “Add Media”.
  4. Tap “Photo” to preview how it would look to take and add a photo to this goal. Tap the camera button.
  5. Tap “Done” any time or wait for it to complete on its own.
  6. You can also test the simulation of the other two types of annotation (text and video).



Please rate the following features, based on how much you think they would benefit you or your students.

(example uses: Record a particularly successful moment; Document a new behavior; Add evidence to a report; Communicate something to a parent or supervisor; etc.)
(example uses: Document your own reflections on the student (speaking is often faster than typing); Document a notable behavior; Record a major success; etc.)
(examples uses: Document an event in detail; Put a note for next teacher; Add notes to be automatically included in IEP report; etc.)
(examples uses: Record notes and thoughts for a student - more rapid than writing but less formal than video.)
(We ask your first name on each page because these are all independent response forms and we want to group answers together. Thank you.)