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fastIEP VIP Preview


Explanation: Above is a preview of the whole fastIEP™ interface. Only one tile is active in this preview and it is the same one you already saw on the prior page. The point of this page is to let you look at the whole fastIEP interface to get to know its components. 

(Note: you should see at least 6 tiles and several student profiles inside a rectangular interface. Click this thumbnail for an example of what it should look like. If you don’t see this above, please expand the size of your browser window if you can.)

Instructions: Please explore the components of the fastIEP interface, and test the tile preview in its context. Please use the list below to remind or notify you of some features of the software, and to rate them. Remember that your opinions will literally shape this product — in order to better help other teachers and their students. Thank you! 

Please rate the following features, based on how much you think they would benefit you or your students.

[This refers to the web version as shown, which you may want to use on a chromebook or iPad. The mobile-phone app first lets you choose the student, then flip to the goal screen, which scrolls.]