Log events in a single click, create progress reports automatically, save time.

fastIEP VIP Preview

Explanation: Above is a preview of one piece of our revolutionary new fastIEP™ software.  This piece is called a “tile”. In fastIEP, you have one tile for each IEP goal. (You will see the rest of the fastIEP interface on the next pages of this site.)

Instructions: Please test this preview and share your expert feedback on the form at the bottom of this page. Your feedback on this series of pages will help us refine the product and thus will benefit you and your fellow educators.

  1. Please hover your mouse over the example tile above, to see the performance criteria for the goal. (They hide until you need them: to reduce clutter when all the goal tiles are on-screen.)
  2. Please click anywhere on the tile to start logging a goal-related event.
  3. Observe what happens to the “Logged this period?” flag after you log the event, as well as the percentage achieved.
  4. Please test several times.

Features: Each tile is basically a button, and lets you log an IEP goal-related event with a single click. You can press/click anywhere on a tile and you get a simple question: did the student succeed at that goal (for that trial or moment of assessment)?

This makes it super fast and easy to log progress toward an IEP goal. Even if you are being pulled in many directions by students in your classroom, you can just reach over to an iPad or Chromebook or phone running fastIEP and log a goal with one finger. If you are teaching online, you can keep fastIEP open in a small browser window alongside your video-call. 

As soon as you click, it documents the time, date, student, goal, etc directly into your continuously-updated report. (You don’t need to write any of this manually.)  The tile even has a progress bar directly embedded in the tile so you know at a glance how your student is doing on that goal. Once you have logged a goal event, the indicator will show that it has been logged for that period of time. If the student succeeded, the percentage complete will increase — all automatically.  

Please rate the following features, based on how much you think they would benefit you or your students.
(4 stars = most or best, for all questions on this and following pages.)

(You can even access it in multiple places simultaneously, e.g. so you and your para can both log data, or you can use your phone when you step away from your computer or laptop.)