Log events in a single click, create progress reports automatically, save time.

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This VIP preview is best viewed on a computer or tablet. Thank you for your interest, but could we politely ask that you view it from a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer? (The fastIEP software itself works on phones, but this site has webforms that would be too small on your phone.) || If you would like a reminder note with the web address, please jot down your email below and we will send you a reminder. Thank you again!

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Goal-Tracking Tile

Below is a working preview of one piece of our revolutionary new fastIEP™ software.  This piece is called a “tile”. In fastIEP, you have one tile for each IEP goal. (You can see more of the fastIEP interface as you scroll down this page.)

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fastIEP Video Tour

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Create your Own Custom Goals

With fastIEP, we provide you with most of the typical goals tracked in IEPs, but you can always add your own custom goals. 

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fastIEP One-Click Reporting

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fastIEP Main Screen

Below is a working preview of the whole fastIEP™ interface. It includes a set of students and a full set of goals for each student. It also includes the several add-on modules such as the Covid tracker.

Try clicking on various parts of the interface to see what they do!

Don’t forget the scroll bars!

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From now until December 31, 2020, Brain Power is offering a lifetime subscription to the full fastIEP software for only $9.99. You pay only once and can use fastIEP with as many students as you want, for as long as you want.

This is a limited offer and will not be offered again! After January 1, 2021, we will only be offering monthly subscription plans.

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