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4.75/5 rating by teachers from around the country

fastIEP was rated 4.75 stars out of 5

Testimonials from Special Educators:

special education iep software

The problem

Special education teachers have struggled for decades to balance their work and personal life due to the huge constraints that IEP’s place upon them.

The additional stress has caused many good teachers to walk away from the job they love! It causes rifts at home, it eats up personal time, and (often overlooked) it also costs a lot of money… upwards of $2,500 (keep reading to learn why).

fastIEP is a comprehensive software tool for the IEP process. Designed specifically for the professionals who work with children with disabilities, fastIEP provides a wealth of information and relevant guidance to support implementation of effective individualized education programs. Our software allows teachers to easily determine the best instructional delivery method and curriculum for each of their students.

Our History

That was until Harvard and MIT-trained Neuroscientist Dr. Ned Sahin PhD, who has dedicated most of his professional life to creating software which helps disadvantaged children…

…saw the daily struggles that Special Education teachers were going through, and he noticed there wasn’t any useful software programs available to make their lives any easier.

That’s when he decided to step in … and what he and his passionate team of scientists, programmers, and teachers created, was simply breathtaking. It will make your life easier!

IEP writing software

Imagine if you could:

  • Log each IEP-related event in a single click!
  • Indeed, log events so fast that you can do all your data collection right as things happen in your classroom, so you can go home each afternoon on time with all the data safely in the computer.
  • Never need to pull together data from multiple places when report time comes around.
  • Have beautiful data charts created automatically in the background – so you needn’t spend a minute to create them for the next IEP Report, or when a parent emails for an update.
  • Give up post-it notes, paper data sheets, and notebooks — FOREVER!!
  • Get automated help composing elegant, effective IEP goals in compliant S.M.A.R.T. format.
  • Have instant access to ALL your kids’ records, past and present (available within seconds) … no need to rummage through folders with a hundred documents!
  • Recover dozens of hours from reporting – to devote to actual teaching, and to spend with your own family!
  • Complete the majority of your IEP report… without writing (or typing) a single word!
  • Save (on average) $2,500… which you probably didn’t even realize you were losing!

You may be thinking…

…that you’ve seen something like this before… but you haven’t

…that it’ll be complicated… but it isn’t

…that there will be compliance or privacy concerns… but there aren’t

…that it’s expensive… but it definitely is not!



What have teachers like you been saying about fastIEP?

behind this incredible life-changing product…

Dr. Ned Sahin PhD has trained at some of the world’s leading schools such as Harvard, MIT, Williams College, and Oxford University. He’s been featured for his work by global media corporations including CBS News, USA Today, PBS, CNN, Boston Globe, HuffPost, Forbes, and many more.

As a neuroscientist, he wanted to put his skills to good use by helping people with ADHD and cognitive issues such as autism, so he created the software company Brain Power. The company has been a huge success, deeply impactful, and the software has helped thousands of families, teachers, and schools…

So much so, that Brain Power have won a host of awards including one from Synopsis Media for educational software, in which they were selected ahead of Nickelodeon and PBS Kids.

It was during this time that he first became aware of the burden that IEPs were placing on special education teachers. These truly amazing people, that were dedicated to disadvantaged kids, were being hindered and weighed down with paperwork. There were many teachers with huge caseloads, some with as many as 60 children, and in some districts, there were 50+ pages to fill out that took as long as 10 hours to complete… per child.

Imagine that — as many as 600 hours per year!!! No teaching, no guidance, no helping… just paperwork. That comes to 25 whole days!!! But if you divide it by work hours (8), then it’s a staggering 75 days! 75 days you need to fit in between your breaks, your lessons, and as so many sped teachers end up doing, during your personal time.

And for the majority of teachers, it’s unpaid work. It might be extra work, but you need to do it in your own time… and don’t think by doing them during your break isn’t your own time… it is, as in most cases, breaks are unpaid!

Ned didn’t think that was fair at all. He had a lot of sympathy for the teachers, but the real losers were the kids.

The kids are often left with a para-professional, or a stand-in teacher, who in most cases do a wonderful job, but from the child’s perspective, it’s a disruption from their routine, when what they need more than anything is stability.

However, these amazing special education teachers, who are dedicating their life to helping children fit into society… are being bogged down with administrational tasks… it’s an impossible situation, which has no real alternative solution.

And even when they don’t have paperwork to fill out… due to working such long hours and all the overwhelming aspects of the job (without actually counting the teaching) …
Many sped teachers are completely burned out and exhausted at the end of the day.

Ned felt compelled to help and the first question he asked was “can’t you use software to cut down the hours?” But the response was a resounding “NO!”

Unfortunately, all the software out there was almost as hard as filling out the actual paperwork.

Forget for a second that most of these applications look dated, and are not very user-friendly… In fact, most are no better than a spreadsheet with rows and rows of data that is hard on the eyes.

In many cases, special education teachers were complaining that some of the software actually slowed them down!

We heard one teacher say how it was taking approximately double the time it used to take her to fill out the paperwork.

Imagine that… if it was already taking you 600 hours and you use software that doubles your time… you’re now talking 1,200 extra unpaid hours or 150 workdays! Most of which you need to fit into your own personal schedule.

Ned knew he had to act, he had a strong affinity with the children having dedicated his career to serving special ed students… but now he had become very emotionally attached to these undervalued, and underrated people that were trying to do so much good… but were being heavily subdued.

Say goodbye to manually logging IEP goals!

So, he went back to the headquarters of his award-winning company that had already done so much for disadvantaged children, and he got his team to…

Focus on the sole task of uncomplicating the life of every special education teacher in America.

There’s plenty of IEP software out there, and it’s been around for 10-15 years now.
This software does have some benefits, such as allowing you to store the data on a computer system for better accessibility.

For the most part, the rest is very similar to filling out the forms.
It’s a very long-winded process, you have to think and create your own goals, it takes just as long, if not longer than on paper, and it’s very taxing on the eyes and brain with so much data and information popping out from the screen…

Kind of like doing your tax returns!

Technology should be able to make this easy for you… we’re in the 21st century… virtually everything is now done via a friendly program on a computer / tablet / phone / website.

So, when it comes to IEP, why does the only software available appear to have come from the eighties?

Well, the answer is simple… there’s no money in it.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and all the big guns that could make a program which would make creating IEP’s a dream… are not interested because of the cost of development, and to make a profit they’ll need to charge teachers like yourself $70, $80, $100 per month.

But the numbers aren’t there, because as you know, these companies prefer to deal with millions of customers, not mere thousands… so, it’s a non-starter as far as they’re concerned.

Other than that, all you’re left with are small companies that create ‘general’ software for general services… that is, unless you’re lucky to find…

An exceptionally talented team with a passion for special education and a strong history of creating award-winning software that makes a difference!

Ned and his team knew immediately what was needed to improve on the other ‘solutions’. It was obvious he needed to fix the laborious process of entering data.

He also understood that the system needed to drastically reduce the time spent filing IEP goals and reports.

But the main thing was to move away from the dry and dated data-styled interface and create something that is easy to look at, as well as easy to use.

You might think the key to Ned’s success has been a result of his outstanding education, you may also think it’s because he teamed up with other brilliant scientists…

But if you ask Ned, he will tell you the key to his company providing ground-breaking programs that change the lives of special education kids and teachers is…

He has other teachers on his team. That’s right, his experts include people just like you!

People who know exactly what is required from the perfect IEP program.

People who know precisely what goes on in the classroom.

And people, who have felt the anguish, strain, pressure, and suffocation from having no time or personal life, due to the additional workload that IEPs placed upon them.

It hasn’t been easy of course.

There have been setbacks, not least with COVID.

However, in addition to the team, Ned has also collaborated with hundreds of teachers to make sure the product is exactly what teachers want.

Until now, the team have been testing the beta version… a kind of pre-release, which they invited teachers from across the country to try out and the response knocked them off their feet!

They knew it was good, they knew it was going to save teachers time, they also knew that it would make their lives easier, so they expected good feedback.

But it was virtually all 5-stars!


Everyone was blown away by fastIEP and the feedback has been astonishing!

fastIEP was rated 4.75 stars out of 5

4.75/5 rating by teachers from around the country

What were those teachers like you so excited about??…

This is the first product in the world (as far as we’re aware) that is fully focused on tracking IEP goals.

It is designed for you, the teacher.

It is designed for collecting data in real time, in your classroom -- even when so many things are going on at once.

In fact, we had only one thing in mind when creating fastIEP, and that was to simplify the life of the Special Education teacher.

Screenshot of fastIEP - Single-Click logging of goal events
fastIEP screenshot - our visually rich intuitive interface

The product is highly visual and has a modern graphical interface that is based on visual psychology and how the brain processes information rapidly.

This makes it much easier on your eyes. The goals are easier to spot, the graphical elements quickly show you what needs doing and what’s been done.

It is designed to get you off post-it notes, sheets of paper, notebooks, and even basic spreadsheets - forever.

Use our "Goal Constructor" (which teachers have called ground-breaking) any time you want to add (or amend) a goal.

The fastIEP Goal Constructor helps you compose goals in compliant S.M.A.R.T. format.

It helps you focus on the "kernel" of the goal - the part that matters most for student progress. It is a great help for the earnest yet busy teacher.

Oh, and if you want to share the workload with your para, she can have a separate login that only allows logging data but not deleting goals or editing data.

fastIEP screenshot - SMART Goal Constructor
fastIEP Screenshot - Multimedia Annotations optional for each goal event

Do your students have those moments of joy and breakthrough that you want to document (and maybe share with parents, to keep them sweet)?

Do you sometimes have moments where you need to document something challenging, or dictate a voice note to yourself to remember for the report a couple months later?

We have you covered - with text, voice, video, and image annotations. (All secure and data compliant.)

You can add an avatar for your students so you can instantly recognise which report you’re working on.

We feel that straining your eyes to look at hundreds of rows, columns, and fields of data is the last thing you want to be doing while trying to manage a classroom of challenged children.

So, we made our software friendly on the eye, and easy to identify what needs to be done. And instead of spending hours going through field after field to input data, you simply ‘click’ and in an instant, you’re done! It’s that simple.

We’ve also given you the ability to get beautiful data charts made instantly and automatically!

fastIEP screenshot - Automated Charts
fastIEP Screenshot - See all students and report deadlines - click them to dive into information

You know how you usually need to keep going through (potentially) hundreds of documents (or computer files) to look up your students’ goals and progress (past and present) -- because naturally, who can remember every single one?

And you know how that’s just so time consuming and quite frankly, a pain?

In fact, have you ever had to dig through all that paperwork (or computer files) to find some information, and just as you put it back, you realised you need to go through it all over again as you forgot something?

Well, this is another amazing feature fastIEP has to make your life easier… as well as being specifically focused on goals, and highly visual to make it easy to use… it also contains all the information on all your students right there in a single visual 'gulp' or at the simple click of a button.

Switch between students instantly - and you can access their goals, their reports, and history just as quickly as you can click the mouse or tap on your tablet.

Oh, and I should mention that you don’t need to stress about privacy laws… we’ve got you covered, as we take privacy extremely seriously… we’re members of Massachusetts Student Data Privacy Agreement, so you can be sure your student data is secure and compliant with the law at all times.

fastIEP screenshot - All the info in one place - historical graphs and goals

How would your life be if the principal at your school assigned an assistant to you, solely to take care of your IEPs?

Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

You would have the following:

  • More time at home
  • More time with your family
  • More time with your students
  • More money in your pocket
  • More time to enjoy your breaks
  • And more time for yourself

Well, that’s exactly what fastIEP does… it’s your assistant!

Every time you enter a goal for one of the kids (which fastIEP helps you rapidly construct, in S.M.A.R.T. format), in the background it’s building your report… Instead of the usual situation of waiting until near the report deadline and taking hours and hours to manually collate the date and make charts for each child, fastIEP is doing this all for you all the time -- automatically making charts and updating them in a second each and every time you record a new piece of data or document a new event …

Behind the scenes, data and charts for a very professional report area being processed by the computer and turned into visuals that will satisfy every party involved in the IEP process and save you a ton of time. All you need do is log events with a single click … perhaps add your observations, and watch it make the charts you can insert into your text documents or print!

You hardly need to do a thing, but fastIEP is busy working away making sure you haven’t forgotten anything…

Because the two alternatives are:

  • Do this manually, throughout the day… every day! (usually at the expense of teaching, your breaks, or your personal time.)
  • Or wait until the report is due and then spend 3-4 hours writing your report for EACH child while trying to include as much info as you can remember … hoping you haven’t forgotten anything.

But now thanks to fastIEP, you don’t need to do either!

  • All you need to do is… Maria put her hand up – click… done! (your FastIEP assistant adds that to the report), Jonny went to the toilet – click… done! (your assistant adds that to the report).

And so on, it couldn’t be any easier, and it will literally save you hundreds of hours over the course of the year.

Why not try it now?

Click to try it right now, instantly! For free. You can explore all the time-saving features and see if fastIEP is right for you.

No credit card required.
You can start instantly.

fastIEP will save you on average upwards of $2,500… money you didn’t even realize you were losing!

It’s true, and our research would corroborate this… why? Well, if you’re lucky enough to work for a school that provides you with someone to help you with IEPs during school hours… or pays you for the time you spend working on IEPs… or you have an entire administration team that takes care of the majority of IEP work…

And we know some schools have this (the lucky few), then this probably won’t apply to you.

However, for the majority who must stay after school, beyond contracted hours… work between their breaks… take the IEPs home with them…Then we estimate you’re losing, on average, $2,500 every year in unpaid hours.

We’ve calculated this by taking the median teacher salary of $25/hour, with an annual average time spent of 100 hours working on IEPs.

For some, it will be less if your pay is under average and/or your caseload is fairly small, for others it will be more… and we know of quite a lot of people where the lost income would be more like $5,000 or more!

And that’s just one year… we know many of you have done this for a number of years so, those losses accumulate. Obviously, if you’re losing $5,000 every year for 10-years, then you’ve lost $50,000!

Imagine if you didn’t have much IEP work to do, and all of a sudden you had much more time to yourself… you’re:

  • Enjoying your breaks and utilizing them to refreshen instead of continuously working and not relieving the pressure of work.
  • Available more for your students so you can provide a quality education and give them a stable routine which is essential for their development.
  • Going home on time
  • Free at home to spend time with your children, family, or friends.
  • Able to give personal tuition to earn extra money.

One-click goal logging, and

auto-created graphs for IEP Reports

Please remember to watch the video above.